March 6, 2015

A Class Blog for Everyone to Use

Until recently I had thought of blogs as being a website for individual use, like this one, or where some people would work together to publish articles.  When I thought of class blogs I imagined each student in a class having their own website with information from a class, but this is not the only way to do class blogs.  They can actually be very beneficial for encouraging student to teacher and student to student interaction.

An instructor can create a class blog and then post information related to topics covered in class.  The can start discussions by asking questions and then ask students to respond in the comment section.  Students can even comment to other comments by replying to individual comments.  This creates an online discussion.  For face to face classes that are time restricted this is a good way to move or prolong class discussions outside of class.  It also helps introverted student who may have a hard time with in class discussions participate and learn more on the topic.

For a deeper integration of blog use in classrooms students could also be given permission by the blog manager, probably the instructor, to make main posts that other students could respond to.  This way students could share information or even use the blog to receive peer feedback on assignments before submitting them.

I think class blogs have great potential for enhancing communication, whether they are used in face to face classes or online classes.  I'm excited to try one in my class!